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Technical Tips all Bloggers Must Know

Blogging has become so popular, it’s competitive field as any other. Bloggers often end up using similar topics, which means one has to resort to advanced tactics to stay ahead of the fray. Newbie bloggers often fail to realise certain finer aspects of blogging. As a blogger, not only will you have to worry about new readers, you will have to worry about finances as well. Read ahead to find out useful tips that will help you keep your blog afloat and appealing:

Choose a Good Host

You don’t want to costs of running your blog outweigh the revenue. Also, you don’t want to lose followers because the plan you chose has limited bandwidth. Therefore, it’s important to choose the best WordPress hosting plan out there for your blog (or a plan suitable for another CMS you might be using). Choose one that offers excellent bandwidth, security, SSD storage, and features that can handle more than the traffic that you current attract.

Narrow Down Your Focus

Don’t write blog posts about broad topics. Narrow down your focus to a specific topic, ideally one other people aren’t already writing about. You need to make the topic your own. You can adopt a unique writing style, or offer interesting new information that other people have not even thought of. The point is, your blog should offer something unique that readers cannot find elsewhere.

Keep the Layout Clean

It’s important for the layout of your blog to remain free of unnecessary plugins, advertisements, banners and pop-up windows. The primary design motive of the blog should be to let readers read without hindrances. Therefore, keep ads marginalised and don’t let them interfere with reading. Choose a simple, minimalist theme to avoid excessive customisation.

Sound Formal, but Easy to Read

Keep your blog posts very professional sounding depending on your topic. However, all posts must be easy to read. Even industry blogs like legal blogs are kept relatively easy to read. Web users do not stay too long reading complicated text. That’s for journals and academic papers.

Maintain Your Independence

Don’t forget to choose your own WordPress hosting plan to remain independent of the CMS. Otherwise, you will subject your blog to terms and conditions of the company that owns the CMS.

Make Posts Visually Appealing

Your posts should not be comprised of just text. Add graphics, pictures and videos to attract readers. Web users in general prefer to see rather than read.

Follow the above tips to make your blog easy to maintain. The above tips will also help you retain readers. For further readings, refer to https://www.hostingaustralia.com.au/


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